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Catalogo Bibliográfico Biblioteca Central CSJN letra W
Wahlorgane und Wahlverfahren bei Bundestags-und Landtagswahlen. Nass, Klaus Otto          
Walter Clark: fighting Judge. Brooks, Aubrey Lee          
War and Morality. Wasserstrom, Richard A.; ed.          
War and the Law. Puttkammer, Ernest W.; ed.          
War as a social institution: the historian"s perspective. Clarkson, Jesse D. Cochran, Thomas C.        
War Crimes and Human Rights : Essays on the Death Penalty, Justice and Accountability. Schabas, William A.          
War Economics. Stein, Emanuel; ed. Backman, Jules; ed.        
Warrants y Certificados de Depósito de Mercaderías. Instrumentos de Crédito Mobiliario. Segal, Rubén          
Warrants y Certificados de Depósito. Instrumentos de Crédito Mobiliario. Segal, Rubén          
Water Law and Legislation: How to Use Them to Obtain Optimum Results from Water Resources. Cano, Guillermo J.          
We the People 2: Transformations. Ackerman, Bruce          
What Germany forgot. Shotwell, James T.          
What is justice? Justice, Law, and Politics in the Mirror of Science: Collected Essays. Kelsen, Hans          
When civil law fails. Martial law and its legal basis in the United States. Rankin, Robert S.          
Where are We Heading? Welles, Summer          
White book of communism in Dominican republic. República Dominicana. Ministerio del Interior.          
Whom we shall Welcome: Report of the President´s Commission on Inmigration and Naturalization. Estados Unidos de América.          
Who"s Who in America: a Biographical Dictionary of Notable Living Men and Women. The A. N. Marquis, edit          
Who´s Who in Latin America: a Biographical Dictionary of the Outstanding Living Men and Women of Spanish America and Brazil. Martin, Percy Alvin; edit.          
Whose constitution. An inquiry into the general welfare. Wallace, Henry A.          
Wittgenstein: El lenguaje, la política, la justicia. Sobre el significado de Ludwig Wittgenstein para el pensamiento social y político. Pitkin, Hanna F.          
Woe unto you, Lawyers!. Rodell, Fred          
Women of the Streets. A Sociological Study of the Common Prostitute. British Social Biology Council Rolph, C. H.; edit.        
Women, Quotas and Constitutions: a Comparative Study of Affirmative Action for Women under America, German, EC and International Law. Peters, Anne          
Women under the law of Massachusetts their rights, privileges, and disabilities Sprague, Henry H.          
Women's Human Rights and Culture : From Deadlock to Dialogue. Holtmaat, Rikki Naber, Jonneke        
Working Papers of the National Comission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws. Estados Unidos de América. The National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws          
Workmen"s Compensation. Wilson, Arnold Levy, Hermann        
World Biography. Institute for Research in Biography          
World Encyclopedia of Peace. Pérez de Cuellar, Javier; ed. Young Seek Choue; ed.        
World Law Directory 1969. World Peace Through Law Center; ed.          
World Peace Through Law: the Geneva World Conference. World Peace Through Law Center          
World policing and the constitution; an inquiry into the powers of the president and congress, nine wars and a hundred military operations, 1789-1945. Rogers, James Grafton          
Wörterbuch der Spanischen und Deutschen Sprache. Slabý, Rudolf J. Grossmann, Rudolf        
Wörterbuch des Völkerrechts. Strupp, Karl Schlochauer, Hans-Jürgen        
Writing and Analysis in the Law. Shapo, Helene S. Walter, Marilyn R. Fajans, Elizabeth      
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